Friday, September 24, 2010

Waiting Sucks

Casey graduates AIT on November 17. That's almost 2 months away. I've already seen him 2 weekends after the weekend between BCT graduation and starting AIT, which I am so grateful for. I was planning to go see him at the end of next week, but instead we're pushing it back to the 8th, which is in 2 weeks. Because of the holiday, Casey gets a longer weekend. Then I plan on going back on Halloween weekend. From there on out the plan is still unknown, I'll either drive back to Montana from there and miss his graduation, or come back to Florida and then go back to Georgia for graduation and we'll haul butt home together. It's driving me absolutely bonkers not knowing. Sigh.

What I'm obsessing about more is that we still don't know where we're going. I'm still kinda hoping for overseas, but Casey said they'd be giving him lots of shots, so it's unlikely that's where he's going. Seriously, how can I plan things if I don't know where I'm going to be living? This isn't like normal, where you know like 6 months ahead of time where you're going to be going. We'll know like 3 weeks in advance. Ugh. I want to know NOW!!!

On a sad note, Phoenix is getting his shots on Wednesday. I don't want to do it?

But on a happy (and yet also sad) note, that means he's 4 months old!!! Well, on Saturday he will be. Wow, where is this time going??

So for the weekend of the 8th, we're thinking of going to Atlanta. This time hopefully it'll happen. The army was stupid and denied his pass for labor day weekend, so we didn't get to go. At least I was smart enough to not buy stuff in advance, or else I'd be in Atlanta hotels on my own! But I really want to go to the aquarium and the Coke factory. I want to play with that machine. And active duty gets in for free! Woohoo!

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