Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hey, Long Time No See :)

So, I guess I've been ignoring this blog. I've had uhhh... stuff... going on. Don't worry. I totally didn't forget about this. Or procrastinate because there was really nothing to say when I did remember.

There hasn't really been anything major going on in our lives. Just the normal ups and downs of marriage and parenthood. Phoenix and I are currently getting over our second bout of sickness. We keep passing it back and forth. Really, it's a miracle Husband hasn't caught anything.

Phoenix turns one (!!!) next month. This year has just flown right by me. I can't believe it was a year ago that I was ready to burst. I'm so not ready to have a TODDLER. Don't say such evil things to me. Why can't my itty bitty newborn stay an itty bitty newborn? Sigh. I can only hope that we have another on the way soon. I've missed my 18 months apart goal. Turns out I'm one of the "lucky" ones when it comes to breastfeeding, no cycles. Although I've recently learned that it is partly due to the fact that Phoenix still night nurses and that we part time co-sleep. Which totally made sense after I read that.

I haven't quite figured out what to do as far as his birthday. We know his Washington party will be on the 21st, in the afternoon. Husband is supposed to be putting in leave for the following week, which is the week of Phoenix's actual birthday, so that we can go visit his parents in California, along with my dad and grandfather. None of them have met Phoenix yet :( That is where I am having trouble working out the details. One, I don't want to schedule anything until we KNOW we are going down there. Two, that next weekend (the 28th) is Memorial Weekend, so everything is probably already all booked. I already have a theme picked out. I was going to try to make the invitations and decorations myself, but it's just going to be too much work for me, I think. Plus, I'm really not that creative. So I'm going to order it off a chick on Etsy. But I have to have all the details worked out so that she can get the invitations all designed. Sigh.

Our 1 year wedding anniversary is in 3 weeks. We originally planned on a honeymoon, but because of an unexpected payment with our taxes, that isn't happening now :( I need ideas for anniversary gifts. 1 year is paper, I believe. Maybe a book? I don't know. I can't really brainstorm here, on the off chance Husband might read this.