Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cloth Diapering 103

Once you've decided which system types you want to try, there are other things to consider: one size or sized, and aplix or snaps.

One size
-one size from birth to potty training, although most babies don't fit until 10 lbs. Until then, NB size diapers, prefolds, or disposables can be used.
-Can be bulky for the first few months. Many people don't think about this. It's designed to fit a toddler also, so it will look huge one your 4 week old!
-No need to buy diapers for your baby again.
-However, these get a lot of wear and tear with one child, so they may need to be replaced by the time child #2 rolls around
-Much trimmer than OS
-You have to buy larger sizes as your babies grow, which can add up
-But, they don't get as much wear and tear, so they'll likely last through more children, especially if you care for them properly.

-more difficult for a toddler to get undone
-Harder to get a snug fit, especially in the early months
-Lasts longer than aplix
Aplix/hook & loop/ velcro
-Easier to get a snug fit
-Toddlers can easily remove
-often needs to be repaired as it wears out quickly
-diaper chains can occur during the washing/drying process

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